Saudi Arabia and Egypt made an unusual deal

Tiran and Sanafir are two islands in the Street of Tiran. The Street of Tiran conect the Gulf of Akaba and the Red Sea. It is between the Sinai and Saudi Arabia. The United Kingdom controlled the two islands since 1906. A treaty of the United Kingdom with the Osmanic Empire was the source that Egypt said that the islands are their territorium. As Egypt was in war with Israel, Saudi Arabia said that Saudi Arabia had rented the islands to Egypt. This way they forestall that Israel occupied the islands. That is the source Saudi Arabia say the islands would be Israel if they didn‘t intervene so they are their territory.
That the islands are very important in strategic terms shows as Egypt closes the Street of Tiran at 22th of May 1967. This was only possible because of the islands. The effect was that Israel couldn‘t reach the Indian Ocean. As result Isreal started the 6 day war. The Street of Tiran is also very important for Jordania as it is the only connection for Jordania to the Oceans and the large cargo ships and tankers.
On 9th of April 2016 the Egypt government noticed that the islands should given to the souvereignty of Saudi Arabia, after King Salman of Saudi Arabia visits Egypt. The reaction of the people were big demonstrations, demanding the resignation of president As-Sisi. After a battle of judges a special court for fast trials decided that the islands can be given to Saudi Arabia. Before that judgement the supreme court of Egypt decided that the constitution has no option for giving territory to another country. But the government said that the islands never had been territory of Egypt so Egypt can‘t give this territory away. Egypt will only hand over the islands to Saudi Arabia. The demonstrations hold on.
It is very astonishing that the Egypt‘s government give the islands to Saudi Arabia because beside the strategic significance the islands are component of the Ras-Mohammed-Nationalpark and with the coral reefs befrore them they are also very weighty for the tourism industry.
But it is a long dispute presidentAs-Sisi resolved. Saudi Arabia gives Egypt a lot of money to support the industry and the country. In September 2016 it cuts the oil supply to Egypt because of multiple dissenses. It is possible that Egypt‘s president has no choice than to give in to Saudi Arabian demands. But if Egtypt has not the money to uphold their affairs of state without foreign money the souvereignty of Egypt is to be discussed and this means the state of Egypt by itself, because a state must be souvereign to be recognized.

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