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Banks of South Europe get status to find new investors

Nordic banks, like the banks of Norway, Denmark and Finland were long seen as a possibility to invest money with attractive profits. Since the crisis in finance sector in 2008 the banks in Europe, the nordic banks excluded, were at risk and don‘t perform very good. But now the circumstances that made the nordic banks to a secure haven for investors changes. As the banks reststructuring and bad assetts were written off the status of the south European Banks become more interesting for investors.

One example is Santander Bank. Banco Santander take over the Banco Popular Espanol SA, and will start the digital bank Openbank, where the customers will be able to do any business swith the smartphone. Openbank will have no counterbusiness. Until now Santander has the highest density of branches of european banks. This could change and this will decrease the cost ratio. Santander has a cost ratio of 57 today, the average ratio of spanish banks is 61.

Santander acts globally. The profit spread is following:
Brasil 21%
Great Britain 20%
Spain 12%
Mexico 8%
Chile 6%
USA 5%
Portugal 5%
Argentine 4%
Poland 3%
oter countries 3%
Santander Consumer Finance, total 13% 

Santander has made an takeover agreement with Citigroup for the privat customer business in 2016. Santander will also improve the assett management.

The price-earnings-ratio is 12 and the forecast of Santander is 11 for 2018. The ratio of price to assett value is 0,9, means that the value of the company is higher than the assett value. Also the dividend is with 3.6% good. That means the assett value has good reason to increase and the investor a good reason to invest.

Santander is rated by Standard and Poor‘s and Fitch


Long Term

Short Term


Standard & Poor’s








Santander has 125 million customers and 20.9 mio digital customers. 

The cost-income-ratio is 48%. With the successful implementation of Openbank this ratio will decrease.

Santander is restructured and it‘s new strategy is succesful. The deposits increased from 12 biopound sterling to 65 bio pound sterling. The loyal customers increase about 420,000 customers since 2012 and the bank trim the credit costs 25%. And teh customers of Santander are contended with their bank. In 8 of the 9 core countries the bank is under the first three of the branche of business. The chart of Santander is risen from 3.50 € to 5.93€ yty.

Santander accepts responsibility in the countries ist make business and is engaged in social projekts. The bank is engaged in 1200 Universities, supports 35.000 students with studentships, give 250.000 small credits in latin america and supports 214 schools in Brasil.

Reasons Santander has the best rank in Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

So Santander is an interesting object for investors.

New brew made in America: Heroin Beer

In colaboration of US and Canadian Universities scientists developed the possibility to produce heroin out of sugar and a special sort of gen manipulated yeast. The yeast have a sensor to find the Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids (BIAs) which are a diverse family of plant-specialized metabolites that include the pharmaceuticals codeine and morphine and their derivatives.  The process was invited on 18 May2015 by Nature Chemical Biology. But the process of production of that drink, called bad beer, is still too fragile, to produce large saleable amounts. But it will be competitve to the poppies and the opium made in Afghanistan and the production will be independent of the location in future. It will be interesting what pharmaceutical company will buy the license to start the production of this special yeast. Until now the most Heroin of the world is used in Europe. With this brew called „bad beer“ the next heroin wave could also happen in the USA. And the drug cartells could produce the heroin even though the Afghan farmers will earn their money with growing corn and legumes. For the USA this process have political character, because they can deprive the warlords from power in the opium producing countries. Also this brew could improve the methadon projects in Europe and the medical treatment. This project is a prototype until now. In readiness for the market there will be a billion-dollar-market waiting for it.<

The results of the banking test of ECB

The ECB published the results of banking stress test. Most of the institutes passed the test with success.

Key results of comprehensive assessment of 130 largest euro area banks:

  • Capital shortfall of €25 billion detected at 25 participant banks
  • Banks’ asset values need to be adjusted by €48 billion, €37 billion of which did not generate capital shortfall
  • Shortfall of €25 billion and asset value adjustment of €37 billion implies overall impact of €62 billion on banks
  • Additional €136 billion found in non-performing exposures
  • Adverse stress scenario would deplete banks’ capital by €263 billion, reducing median CET1 ratio by 4 percentage points from 12.4% to 8.3%
  • Exercise delivers high level of transparency, consistency and equal treatment
  • Rigorous exercise is milestone for the Single Supervisory Mechanism starting in November
  • The AQR showed

    • that as of end-2013 the carrying values—or book values—of banks’ assets need to be adjusted by €48 billion.

    • that banks’ non-performing exposures increased by €136 billion to a total of €879 billion.

    • that a severe scenario would deplete the banks’ top-quality, loss-absorbing Common Equity Tier 1 (CET 1) capital—the measure of a bank’s financial strength—by about €263 billion. This would result in the banks’ median CET1 ratio decreasing by 4 percentage points from 12.4% to 8.3%. This reduction is higher than in previous similar exercises and is a measure of the rigorous nature of the exercise.

    You love to see the result of the banking test of your bank?


    at page 140 following pages


    Where to invest in real estates

    Standard & Poors reports that the prices for real estates will increase in 2014 in Germany. In other european countries like France and Italy there will be no turn. But since 2010 the housing prices in German cities, especially for condomiums are increased by 20%. In 2013 the prices for condomiums in Hambnurg, München, Köln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Berlin are increased by an average of 9% the German Central Bank announced in it’s monthly report in February 2014.

    The German Central Bank warns for a real estate bubble in the large cities of Germany. The real estates there are overvalued by 25%, so the German Central Bank. But Standard & Poors say, that there is no bubble in sight because before that increase there was a decade of stagnation.

    Deutscher Immobilienmarkt zieht an

    Also the development of the british housing market is seen as brisant. More and more are warning for a bubble, because the prices increased very much the last years. The most mortgages in England have a variable rate, so that many houseowners could struggle, if the Bank of England increase the rates for the mortgages. Tfhis could be possible because of the economic upturn on the island. Due to that risk the Bank of England simulate a collapse in housing prices by 35% in it’s stress tests. Experts say, that this stress test could be difficult for Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland, because they have a lot of mortgages based on real estates in their books.

    Also the other bank supervisors of EU will simulate collapses of housing prices by 19%. Target is to find out lacks of liquidity in simulated situations.

    In Germany the increase of the prices for construction is minimal. In May 2014 the prices incereases 1.7% year to year. The prices for shell construction increases by 1.4% and for lining the prices increases by 1.9%, both in May 2014 year to year. Prices for upgrading houses increased by 2.2% in May 2014 year to year.

    Also the netto rents increased by 1.6% in December 2013 year to year.

    But in Ireland the housing prices decreases between 2007 and 2012 about 50% and are recovering now. In Spain the real estate loose 30% worth still loosing worth now. The economy in Ireland is still recovering. The demand is still very high and therre are only a few objects to buy. Especially in dublin the prices are rising very fast. In a report n-tv warns for the beginning of a new housing bubble.

    But both countries could be a worth to think about a real estate investment.


    The USA can control the oil prices for the next 15 years

    The USA has overtaken Saudi Arabia and Russia in it’s oil output as the shale Rock oil output recovers the US economy. The USA will stay the world biggest oil producer until the end of 2014, IAEA forecasts. The daily oil output exceeds 11 mio barrels a day in the first quarter of 2014. 2010 the USA is also the world largest gas producer. The IAEA said that that the USA was also the biggest oil and gas producer in June 2014. The USA are the world biggest energy supplier now.

    “The U.S. increase in supply is a very meaningful chunk of oil . The shale boom is playing a key role in the U.S. recovery. If the U.S. didn’t have this energy supply, prices at the pump would be completely unaffordable.”,” Francisco Blanch, the Bank of America head of commodities research, said. According to IAEA forecast will the USA surge it’s output of oil to 13.1 barrel a day in 2019 and plateau thereafter and lose it’s ranking at biggest oil prducer at the start of 2030. At the result the oil price will be affordable reaching a maximum of 115 $ /barrel.

    The political situation in Lybia and Iraq has reduced oil production as Nigeria exports has been reduced by oil theft and sabotage.

    Unitl 2006 Russia and Saudi Arabia were the leading Energysuppliers globally.

    But the instability of North African and Arabic region will provide the primarily role of the USA.

    IAEA forecasts for 2015 decreasing oil prices

    So the forecast of oil prices are very uncertain and can differ significantly from the forecast.

    So why don’t the governments invest more into green technology projects like solar, wind and water plants like DeserTec or all the possibilities of decentralized power generation? The development of one project belongs ten to 15 years or longer. That means, if we begin to built a plant now the project will be finished in 2030. There are many roofs without panels. And many other possibilities are unused in the pigeonholes of the companies. In the year 2030 the USA will decrease it’s oil output significantly, the oil price could explode. Then the consumers have to pay the default.

    What happens with real estates in Thanlyin

    The leading American beverage steel and aluminium cans manufacturer, Ball Corp., will invest 40 million US $ to built it’s plant at Thilawa Special Economic Zone, according to a company announcement on 6th of June, 2014. The company signed a lease in the Zone, which is a Myanmar–Japan joint venture, with a 51/49 per cent ratio. Ball Corp will invest 40 mio$ in the first step and raise the investment to 100 mio$.

    Farmers have to move, to let companies built their plants on the ground of the 2400 hectar site situated adjacent to the Thilawa Port in Thanliyn township, where once the rice grew.

    What Thilawa Project means shows the map on, where is announced that 500 firms have already signed MOU which means a tentative agreement, where the contracting parties signed that they intend to built their plant in Thanlyin Thilawa SEZ.

    But what is Thanliyn?

    Thanlyin Township comprises 17 quarters and 28 village tracts. It is home to the largest port in the country, Thilawa Port. Thanlyin Township comprises 17 quarters and 28 village tracts and has totally 181000 people in 2009. It is home to the largest port in the country, Thilawa Port.

    An example of real estate projekt in Thanying is the Star Projekt, invited at a youtube-video you could watch at

    This will be a fast development if you compare this study with the following videos of the present Thanying.

    It is difficult to imagine how the city of 17 villages will develop, unitl the Thilawa Special Economic Zone with its 500 Corporations will be finished.

    Furthermore it was reported that the foreign investment in Myanmar’s mining sector amounted to $ 2,862 million as of the last week of March, 2014.

    More details

    As it is very difficult to find data about the development of real estate prices in Myanmar but the prices increased significant in 2011 and 2012 in Myanmar’s capital Yangon, the Singaporean serviced apartment chain The Ascott Limited has announced moves to expand into Myanmar.

    And the prices for houses in Thanlyin are still not too high.

    So the real estate prices in Thanlyin could increase significanly in Thanlyin in the next years, while the Thilawa SEZ will be built.

    Last but not least for all epicures a very nice picture.

    The chinese holiday island Hainan is in upper mood. Real estates are an increasing investment again.

    After the real estates bubble in 2011 the properties on Hainan Island, the chinese holiday paradies, is in upper mood. More and more international Hotels growing at the beach sites of the island, as the chinese growing middle class discovers the islands to make their holidays there. Also the agrar sector of the island is growing and with the increasing demand of tourists the farmers need new technology to curb the harvest of the fields, and the yield with it. So the farmers had an increase of earnings of 50% in the last years as the technology they used increased. Many farmers still cultivate their fields with traditionally methods, so cows pull the plow in the rice fields and the plants are set by the farmers with the hand into the bottom. But this process couldn’t hold on, because the customer demand need more efficient methods. As strawberries are the new fruit the chinese tourists love, the farmers let the strawberries grow on the sunny island. Also the fishers on the island which partial still live with their family on their fisherboats expect support from the government to modernize their fleet.

    So it is worth for investors and people who love to make their holidays on this nice place to think about an investment now, because the prices could increase fast in the future.

    Also the Hainan real-estate-compamies are in the mood to increase.

    Hainan Haide Industry Co Ltd

    Increased from 7000 to 9000 chinesische Yuan y-t-y with a peak at 9500 Yuan in April 14th, 2014.

    Hainan Zhenghe Industrial Group Co Ltd has more than doubled since December 2014.

    Also Hainan Pearl River Holdings Co Ltd trended up since December 2014

    Portugal want to offer property buyer citizenship

    Portugal has a new advertising stunt. It want to offer any buyer of real estate worth over 500.000 € the Portugese Golden Visa. This could lead to a new housing bubble, starting with rising prices on real estates. Being a resident doesn’t restrict movements in any way and it has many advantages, such as lower taxes.

    At the same time lenders are offering thousands of repossessed homes at reduced prices and the Banks want to get rid of their property assetts after investment in real estate fell 2012 to the lowest level in a decade. To do that they have to create demand. To create demand the outlook of propeties has to be good. The Banks also as the government in Portugal has a big interest that the property market get grip.

    So it is worth to think about investing in Portugal real estates, the holiday bungalow also as a second place of residence at one of the sandy beaches where the first asian agents for properties already were found.  The porperty prices for in Portugal are very different, from 100.000 € for 2 or 3 bedroom houses until several millions € for spacious luxury villas with any comfort.

    A Schengen Golden Visa allows you to travel freely throughout the Schemgen Member Area of Europe (most but not all of Europe ) for up to 180 days each year – plus after 5 years you can apply for permanent residency. In addiction, as a holder of a Schengen Golden Visa you are automotically entitled to free healthcare and education. So you are better situated than the most European people itself.


    Keep in mind: If you’re considering renting out the property when it’s empty, bear in mind that advertising for a property abroad could result in tax demands from both the English and foreign authorities.