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Hochtief subdsidiary CIMIC Group signed Botswana Majwe mining joint venture

CIMIC-Group, subsidiary enterprise of Hochtief, communicates that it‘s subsidiary Thiess signed the the mining project Majwe. Thiess has an 70% interest in the 1,7 bio austr. $ joint venture with Bothakga Botswana. The project should last over 9 years. The project includes mining – services. Hochtief has an interest of 72,7% in CIMIC Group.

CIMIC Group is an highly experienced engineering-led construction, mining, services and public private partnerships leader working across the lifecycle of assets, infrastructure and resources projects.

It delivers the full spectrum of services, from feasibility, design, planning and investment; to manufacturing and construction; to operations, maintenance, upgrades and asset management; to rehabilitation and decommissioning.

And the conditions in mining sector are good and the pipeline of CIMIC Goup is full.

Profit of CIMIC Group increases by 11% to 781mio australian $, forecasting an amount between 720 and 780 mio australian $ in the last year. Revenue increased by 9%, the cashflow in operative business increased by 22%. The forecast for 2019 and 2020 is good. Woodside Energy has awarded a contract to CIMIC Group’s UGL as part of the latter’s joint venture with Cape at the Karratha gas plant in Western Australia. The contract will generate additional revenue to UGL of around $190 million and includes two further multi-year extension options. Karratha gas plant is central to Woodside’s proposed development of the Burrup Hub. The plant has a production capacity of 12,000 tonnes of domestic gas per day, with dry gas sourced from Scarborough, Browse and Pluto. The joint venture between CIMIC UGL and Cape will provide brownfields implementation services including planning and execution of work scope for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, access, fire protection application, blasting and painting, cladding and insulation.The Karratha plant also includes five LNG processing trains, two domestic gas trains, six condensate stabilisation units and three LPG fractionation units. CIMIC UGL has provided services at Karratha since 2015.“

Wirecards new customer: Home-center Segmueller

Wirecard has a new costumer. The german home-center Segmüller will allow Wirecard to process the invoice of its customers. The cashless process will be possible with smartphone or credit card. Wirecard will not only make available the payment-technology, it will be responsible for the complete payment.

The assetts of Wirecard are falling the last weeks although the revenue of the last quarter of 2018 increases by 36% to 637,5mio€ and the profit rose by 37% to 172,9mio€.

But reports of Financial Times and various lawyers, including Hagens Berman, say that Wirecard has misleaded investors by accounting bogus deals. The police raid the bureau of Wirecard in Singapure. Wirecard denies any wrong doing.

Hagens Berman is the counsel that has indicted several consolidated companies including the german car producers in dieselgate scandal.

Meanwhile the Bafin forbid Wirecard sell off positions because the assett has become to volatile.