Corona/Covid Discharges Retirement

Since November 2019 Covid 19 ( SARS ) threatens the health of human beeing and animals. First time SARS appeared in an outbreak in China in 2014.

But what makes this virus so dangerous, what is the impact of it?


Since the travel ban the CO², carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide pollution has fallen. The domestic air travelling decreased in the USA by 40%, Europe recorded a decline of 67 mio air passengers. The daily work in home office creeped up rapidly.

The waste of the packaging for medical goods surged. We need 1 bio trees yearly to produce the packaging for the shipped goods.

The economy collapsed in tourism, cultural and gastronomy sector. Events are dropped and travelling bans making journeys impossible. Shutdowns are a challenge for all entrepreneurs. Shortages of goods are making living unconvenient. The online-shopping sector booms. This shrinked the contacts in the society dramatically. The peoples sentiment became negative because of that.


For humans the virus is so dangerous, because it attacks cells and destroys them. So the organism could be damaged significantly. But the organism has to be weak. Otherwise the virus could be neutralized by the immune system. So the virus is most dangerous for old and weak people.

The most people who died were over 70 years old, nations with a young population had not so big problems like the industry society.

That shows the table of

All the countries which have no corona deaths until now are were very small and have very low contact with the rest of the world. The population average age is under 30 years, except Macao, where the average age is 39 and New Caledonia where the average age is 34. This states have a very small population. The 50 states which were less infected out of 221 states were the African states and states around China, like Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos and North Corea. North Corea is not included in the table but it indicated itself as free of Corona infections. The African states have a very young population most of them with an average age of under 20, beginning with Niger with an average age of 15.

The average age of the asian states with low corona death rates are:

Taiwan 42, Singapore 42, Macao 39, China 38, North Korea 35, Vietnam 32, Mongolia 28, Laos 24. This shows that the Asian countries are able to control the Corona infection although they have an older population.

The death toll of the western nations is relatively high. The first 13 ranks are European nations, rank 14 has the USA followed from Portugal and Spain. The following ranks are mostly South American and Europe nations, excempt Lebanon ranked 42 and South Africa ranked 46.

Japan has an average age of 48, followed from Italy and Martinique with 47. The nations with an average age over 40 are mostly western oriented industry nations. USA has an average age of 38.

Like the graphs of the age structure of USA, Japan and Germany the people who are in retirement surge in the last years. The people in the industry nations getting older peoples over 80 are not seldom.


Source of the Graphics:

But this will be a problem for the retirement funds. Many corporations used the money the workforce gave them for their retirement funds to finance investments or get over the crisises, speculating that they will pay the pension in the future with the profits of the operating business.

GM was not the only company with this problem.

State owned retirements like the retirement system of Germany are systematically based on the speculation that the younger people pay the rent of the older people. But this system collapsed in the 1990‘s, so the government of Germany reduced the rent ratio from 65% to 42% of the employment income. This means a reduction of 1/3 of the pension. The older generations anger about the situation. But for the assurance companies a hot, new market grows up. The private retirement funds, mostly assett based, makes high profit possible. But the finance crisises in the early 20th century let the retirement funds shrink. Many pensioners are living with very low money today or earn additional money to have a better living and avoid the awkward application of social wellfare benefits.

So the Corona virus and his mutations will have other positive effects. First it creates new workplaces in the pharma industry and in the medical sektor. And the second is it will discharge the pension funds and pension systems because of it attacks mostly older, weak and ill persons. The most people who will die are people over 60 years old.

NASA Shows Cosmic Angels In Cosmic Gas And Dust

Below you see some great pictures of our cosmos, made by the NASA with astonishing subjects.


Cosmic Angels


Purple And Royal Blue




Light Entity, Light Essence In The Polar Region


Cosmic Hurricane


Cosmic Flower


Cosmic Animal


This Eye Isn’t Cosmic


Electrodynamic or Gasplanet?


Riders On The Storm


Good Appetite 2


Good Appetite 2


Good Appetite 3 – What’s That Force?

Covid 19 vaccines: How safety?

Health officials of california asking to stop the administering of the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine because of incidents caused by the use of the vaccine. . In a video on facebook Brant Griner showed his mother with problems with her musculoskeletal system using nearby walls and a door to support herself as she inched forward.

All the incidents appear to have occurred at a single community clinic that was administering the lot. The site reportedly closed for several hours after the string of adverse reactions occurred, before switching to a different batch of the drug. The Moderna vaccine has distributed to 287 providers but this is the first time tha tproblems appear.

Normally new drugs must go through a rigorous testing before the FDA approves a medication, so the testing of a vaccine takes several years. But for this medication the producers had some months. In Wikipedia you will find the exactly determination of the drug testing phases from test phase 0 to test phase IV. Important to know is that only test phase IV is carried out on anyone seeking treatment. For test phases 0 to III there are quantities of patient who uses the drug needed. Normally there is a preclinical testing on human cells., 22th of February 2018 cited the FDA as follows:

According to the FDA, approximately 70 percentTrusted Source of medications move on to phase II.

The FDA estimates that about 33 percent Trusted Source of medications move on to phase III.

The FDA usually requires a phase III clinical trial before approving a new medication. Due to the larger number of participants and longer duration or phase III, rare and long-term side effects are more likely to show up during this phase.

Roughly 25 to 30 percentTrusted Source of medications move on to phase IV.

This means that only a quarter of the tested medication will find it’s way to the market.

Now it is your mission to find out in what testing phase we are and how safety the offered medication of Covid-19 is now, at January the 18th, 2021.


Food Prices Could Rise

As the tables below show wheat, oats, maize, canola and soybean and soyflavor shows the prices for basics for animal food are very high. If this holds on prices for meat, milk and milk products will be rising.

Cotton prices are developing normal, so the garment prices shouldn’t rise ponderable.

What’s ponderable is that the products made in Africa and Asia doesn’t rise they developed normal or are deep. Only palmoil and sugar rises sharply because they become relevant for energy production.

Prices of wood double-peaked and is still very high what could make furnitures and house prices very expensive.

It is astonishing as prices were the ratio of offer and demand. We are living in the Corona pandemie crisis and there is no demand of the food-service sector. Many events doesn’t happen. So the prices for food should be deep.






Meager Pork


Fat Cow


Orange Juice









( Source of all tables: )

Amazon‘s ALEXA Device Culprits Crime

A 9-year-old boy in Gloucester, Massachusetts is facing charges for stealing several items from a neighbor’s home. The headline-grabbing element of this story is that a recording from an Amazon Echo owner’s Alexa app helped lead police to the culprit.

A non authorized Alexa recording of a murdering of a wife while the sexual act in the sleeping room culprits her husband as the murder.

News like that seems to justify the non authorized recordings of the Amazon device in your private rooms. In Germany recordings like that are ownly justified in trials after the judges have justified them. And that‘s only in special instances.

Amazon itself say that the recordings Alexa does without the knowledge of it‘s users are necessary to develop it‘s speech recognition system.

But honestly, do you really need a microphone in your bedroom recording for Amazon employees the sound while you fuck?

Bundeswehr und die Staatsouveränität sichert die Anerkennung als Staat

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer erklärte in Ihrer ansprache an die Bundeswehr, dass Dtschl auf seine Verbündeten angewiesen ist. Deutschland und die EU können sich ohne di4e USA nicht selbst verteidigen. Es gäbe keine Gewähr für Sicherheit, Stabilität und Wohlstand in Europa ohne die USA.

Jedoch wollen Dtschl und Frkr , dass s9ie den USA auf Augenhöhe begegnen, dass sie keine hilfebedürftigen Schützlinge sind.

Emmanuel Macron hatte zuvor für die Souveränität in Verteidigungsfragen plädiert.

Per definitionem gehört zum Staatswesen ein Territorium, ein Staatsvolk und die Staatssouveränität. Zur Staatssouveränität gehört neben der Sicherstellung der inneren Sicherheit auch die Fähigkeit sich gegen von außen eindringende Feinde verteidigen zu können. Dies bedingt eine schlagkräftige, funktionierende und zuverlässig arbeitende Armee.

Die USA stellen

78% aller Rathi Inst NATO Fähigkeitn

70% der strategic enabler

100% der Abwehr vor ballistischen Raketen

76.000 Soldaten sind permanent in europüa stationiert

Deutschland hat ein Interesse daran, dass die USA Interesse an der Verteidigung hat. Allein nur auf Europa zu setzen hieße die EU in die Spaltung zu treiben. Die USA setzt seinen verrteidigungs-politischen Fokus neben Europa jedoch zunehmend nach Asien, um dem auch militärisch aufkommenden China Grenzen setzen zu können und strategisch im asiatischen Raum präsent zu bleiben. Dies verlangen auch seine Partner, wie etwa Japan, Süd Korea und Taiwan. An zwei Fronten präsent zu sein kostet jedoch zunehmend größere Summen an Geld.

Die letzten US-Regierungen forderten deshalb von den europäischen Staaten ihrer Verpflichtung nachzukommen und 2% des Haushaltes für Rüstung auszugeben. 2% sind im Vergleich zu den Summen, die die USA in ihre Armee investiert nicht viel. Dennoch kommen einige europäische Staaten dieser Verpflichtung nicht nach. Unter Donald Trump d9iskutierten die USA deshalb mehrfach, ob sie aus der NATO austreten. Dies würde die NATO zu einer Angelegenheit der EU umformieren. Verteidigungsministerin Kramp-Karrenbauer erklärte jedoch in Ihrer Rede, dass allein auf die EU zu setzen die EU in die Spaltung treiben würde. Damit würde die NATO im falle eines Ausstieges der EU zerfallen. Ohne die NATO ist Deutschland jedoch nicht in der Lage sich zu verteidigen, so Annegret–Kramp Karrenbauer. Das heißt jedoch, dass Deutschland als Staatswesen die Anerkennung verlieren würde, ist doch per definitiojnem die Verteidigungsfähigkeit des Territoriums Bedingung eines Staates.

Wirtschaftlich betrachtet ist eine militärische Abhängigkeit von den USA ebenso fragwürdig, sind wir doch wegen der militärischen Abhängigkeit erpressbar. Auch das dokumentiert Verteidigungsministerin Kramp-Karrenbauer in ihrer Ansprache. Eine Strategie mit China ist dort, wo gewollt, mit den USA zu verhandeln. Das ist anders auch nicht möglich, sind wir ohne die USA doch schutzlos unseren Feinden ausgeliefert. Gut, ganz schutzlos nicht, können wir doch auf frz Hilfe bauen, die ebenfalls eine gut ausgerüstete Armee mit A-Bomben hat.

Dennoch, die Bundesrepublik Deutschland wurde im ranking der Weltbank auf Platz zwei gehandelt, steht jetzt auf Platz fünf. D. H Deutschland war wirtschaftlich die 2 stärkste Nation der Welt und ist jetzt noch auf Platz 5. Die USA können von einem wirtschaftlich so starken Partner erwarten, dass die vertraglichen Vereinbarungen eingehalten werden. Um allerdings militärisch frei Rüsten zu können bedarf es der juristischen Anerkennung des Deutschen Staates, d h eines Friedenvertragtes, der die militärischen Einschränkungen des Besatzungsstatutes aufhebt. Nur wer seine Armee frei ausrüsten kann, kann eine moderne, wirkungsvolle Verteidigung aufbauen. Dazu gehören auch moderne Waffen und ein freies Kontingent an Soldaten.

Um das zu bewerkstelligen sollte Deutschland jedoch besser auf seine ohnehin kleine Rüstungsindustrie achten und Rüstungsunternehmen wie die Merkel Group nicht ans Ausland verkaufen um 12 jahre später zu debattieren, ob die Armee mit mit einem Auftrag von 120000 Sturmgewehren an die Merkel Group die United Arabic Emirates unterstützt, die die Gewehre in Suhl/Germany fertigen lassen.

Außerdem müssen Gelder bereitgestellt werden um die innovativen Teile der deutsche Rüstungsindustrie zu ermutigen neue Technologien einzusetzen und zu erproben. Die Diskussion den eigentlich verschrotteten Leopard II wieder offiziell in den Bundeswehrbestand aufzunehmen irritiert, ist er doch eins Produkt der 1980er Jahre und damit veraltet. Für Flugzeuge und gepanzerte Fahrzeuge gibt es längst Drohnenkonzepte, die so langsam Einzug in den aktiven Armeebetrieb halten müssen, will die BRD nicht den Anschluss an die Weltspitze verlieren. Auch die Rüstung im Weltraum sollte zum Thema werden. Satelliten, die den Ve3rkehr und den Datenfluss steuern sind sehr wichtige Infrastrukturen, die geschützt werden müssen, wollen wir im Datenverkehr und auf unseren Transportwegen zukünftig zuverlässig mit modernen Technologien leben. Europa kann sich nicht bis ans Ende aller Tage darauf verlassen, dass die USA die Aufgabe übernimmt die Souveränität seiner Staaten sicherzustellen.

Wollen die europäischen Staaten ihre unbeschränkte Staatssouveränität sicherstellen müssen sie eine zukunftsfähige Rüstungsindustrie aufbauen, die in der Lage ist moderne zukunftsfähige Technologien zu entwickeln und Waffen bauen, die auch in der Zukunft die Sicherheit gewährleisten. Das bedingt zum einen Technologien, die auch im Grenzbereich funktionieren ( Wüste, Polarkreise, starken Niederschlägen, Winde ) und einen hohen wirkungsgrad im Einsatz erzielen.

All das kostet jedoch Geld, mehr als die von den USA geforderten 2% des Haushaltes. Förderlich würe auch ein europäisches Verteidigungsministerium das die Kompetenz erhält über die Truppen der Mitgliedstaaten zu verfügen, ohne Vetorecht der Einzelstaaten. Damit Schlappen wie im Bürgerkrieg in Jugoslavien nicht mehr vorkommen.

German Gun Deal: Haenel and the UAE Government

2007 the German Company Merkel Jagd- und Sportwaffen GmbH was sold to Caracal International LLC, HQ in Abu Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates. Part of this corporation is the C. G. Haenel GmbH. The discussion that time was, if the deal should been blocked by the government because of national security interest. Haenel GmbH is a traditional manufacturer of weapons for military units. It builts artillery and guns for the German army in WWII and the „Volksarmee“ of the GDR. In 2007 the German government and the regulation institutions say the deal is legal. Haenel has no technology which is relevant to the national security. Haenel GmbH develops and sells also weapons for snipers. In 2010 the Haenel Group invents a new mechanism that makes automatic weapons fast in shooting and the sequence of the shots more secure.

Now 120.000 pieces of this weapons are subject of a deal of the German Ministry of Defence and C. G. Haenel GmbH, which presents itself as a German manufacurer. But reality is that the German government wants to make a deal with a company that deveops and produces weapons in Germany but it‘s owner is the United Arabic Emirates ( UAE ). Caracal International LLC is part of the state owned EDGE Group, the owner of Haenel GmbH are the UAE.

And the discussion is now if there is a problem of national security, if the UAE are the supplier of the German army. The islamic culture of the UAE is very different from the culture of Germany. The UAE is no NATO member state. What, if the corporate leader, the government of the UAE, will set a weapon embargo or sanctions against Germany. Is the supply of parts and weapons secure?

The last days the German government has found a smart solution. Heckler & Koch, another German weapon producer, found a violation of patent law. This gives the German government the possibility for new negotiations. But Haenel say, if the investigation doesn‘t buttress the allegation Heanel GmbH would insist on the 250 mio€ deal.

But why does the German government assent to a deal of a traditional German military supplier?

Space-Time, the 4th Dimension. All we see is illusion.

If this picture below is true nothing we see is true and the past is very difficult to reconstructure. We know that the planets are moving in different pace apart.  We assume that the space is expanding. We don’t know if there was a time the space contracted. The amplitude of the waves could be different and we don’t know if there were interferences with ohter systems in the past. Anything we see could be millions of years in the past. To make it clear: Such a wave could move planets distances we never reach with a spacecraft. And we only see things that happens wide in the past. All we see is an illusion.





Saudi Arabien PIF sells bio of assetts

The Saudi Arabien Public Investment Fond ( PIF ) sells assetts worth 5,5bio$ and invests in ETF’s. In march the fund invest in different assetts like BP, Total, Eni, Boeing, Carnival and Bank of America. Now he invests 4,7bio$ in ETF’s mainly in real estate, power supply,  commodities, raw and building materials. 1,9bio$ went in an big US ETF with utilitycompanies. PIF is the biggest investor there. The PIF has investments worth 10bio$ in US ETF’s. It is worth 360bio$, the 8th biggest fund in the list of Souvereign Wealth Fund Institute.

Not only the arabian countries are investing in ETF’s, End of July 2020 the sum invested in ETF’s reached a record of 6,7 trio$ after 79bio$ were invested in July only, so ETFGI, a London based company, which observed the sector.

The PIF also invests in indian JIO Platforms and in european companies and ETF’s.

But is the assett market so insecure and unpredictable that investments in assetts are high risk investment?

Anti-Corona Protests in Berlin, Germany

In Berlin thausends of Protesters congregate to agitate against the corona measures legislated by the German government. There were no maks and the  rules for minimum distance between the people were ignored. They ignored the danger of the virus, some say Corona is something like a flu. The shields demand free life for free citizens.

At the end of the protest march the people gathered to a manifestation. The police assessed the situation and found that too many people without masks standing beside touching each other so that the rules of the government force them to stop the manifestation. The event was stopped without violence. After the rally members of the SPD party say that the event has to be stopped earlier, members of the AfD party see no reason to stop the event, because it was a peacefull event without breaking rules.

Markus Söder, CDU, say that there were different political trends on the rally, from extreme left wing to extreme right wing organisation beside each other. He demand the people to keep the  distance to the political enemy. Why that? Could this situation attract political danger?

It is astonishing how ignorant people could be in the view of the death toll of ignorant states like Italy, Brasil and USA. In the last days USA changed the course and reckognized the danger of the virus.

If I would be egoistic and selfish I would say that the virus most notably kill old people. If those party people ignore the danger they could die, disburden the retirement and pension funds, so that my retirement will be firmed if the pandemy has a new superspread with a hihg death toll.

Source: 08.02.20

Source:  08.03.20