The results of the banking test of ECB

The ECB published the results of banking stress test. Most of the institutes passed the test with success.

Key results of comprehensive assessment of 130 largest euro area banks:

  • Capital shortfall of €25 billion detected at 25 participant banks
  • Banks’ asset values need to be adjusted by €48 billion, €37 billion of which did not generate capital shortfall
  • Shortfall of €25 billion and asset value adjustment of €37 billion implies overall impact of €62 billion on banks
  • Additional €136 billion found in non-performing exposures
  • Adverse stress scenario would deplete banks’ capital by €263 billion, reducing median CET1 ratio by 4 percentage points from 12.4% to 8.3%
  • Exercise delivers high level of transparency, consistency and equal treatment
  • Rigorous exercise is milestone for the Single Supervisory Mechanism starting in November
  • The AQR showed

    • that as of end-2013 the carrying values—or book values—of banks’ assets need to be adjusted by €48 billion.

    • that banks’ non-performing exposures increased by €136 billion to a total of €879 billion.

    • that a severe scenario would deplete the banks’ top-quality, loss-absorbing Common Equity Tier 1 (CET 1) capital—the measure of a bank’s financial strength—by about €263 billion. This would result in the banks’ median CET1 ratio decreasing by 4 percentage points from 12.4% to 8.3%. This reduction is higher than in previous similar exercises and is a measure of the rigorous nature of the exercise.

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    How to earn money with energy-supply

    The DAX decreased from 10.029.43 € in 08/2014 to 8987.80 on 24.10.2014

    MDAX, TecDAX, Euro Stoxx 50 are following the DAX-movements.

    Dow Jones inustrial averages, S&P 50, Nasdaq 100 and Nikkei 2250 are similiar in it’s movements but notedly over DAX and less volatile

    Hang Seng goes it’s own way, driven from chinese industry.

    ESTX UTILITY INDEX in 2014 shows also its own character. The index is the collection of the 600 assets with the highest market capitalization in the €-zone and shows more the situation in  the  €-zone. It also declined like the DAX the last days but not as volatile like the DAX itself. It decreased from 647 points in 2008 to 215 point in 2012 and increases in a more sidewards-movement to 275 points now.

    But the Dow Jones Utility Average Index turn up in 10/2014.

    But what is this Index?

    The Dow Jones Utilities Average is a price-weighted average of 15 utility companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and are involved in the production of electrical energy. The average as it is known today began on January 2, 1929 with a base value of 50.

    Which are the 15 companies listed in that index?

    FirstEnergy Corp. is a public utility holding company.

    Exelon Corporation is a utility services holding company.

    American Electric Power Company, Inc.(AEP)is a public utility holding company.

    PG&E Corporation is a holding company that holds interests in energy based businesses.

    Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated is a public utility holding company.

    Edison International, through its subsidiaries, develops, acquires, owns, and operates electric power generation facilities worldwide.

    NiSource Inc. is an energy holding company.

    The AES Corporation acquires, develops, owns, and operates generation plants and distribution businesses in several countries.

    American Water Works Co., Inc. provides drinking water, wastewater and other water-related services in multiple states and Ontario, Canada.

    Dominion Resources, Inc., a diversified utility holding company, generates, transmits, distributes, and sells electric energy in Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

    CenterPoint Energy, Inc. is a public utility holding company.

    Duke Energy Corporation is an energy company located primarily in the Americas that owns an integrated network of energy assets.

    Consolidated Edison, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides a variety of energy related products and services.

    NextEra Energy, Inc. provides sustainable energy generation and distribution services.

    The Southern Company is a public utility holding company.

    Also Alon USA Energy, Inc. Which refines and markets oil, operates pipelines, and operates convenience stores is on the watch list.

    So the Dow Jones Utility Average Index is a collection of US based, international operating energy companies. Also some water supply companies are in it. But why is this index decoupling from the world economy the last days?

    Solarenergy seemed to come back. Some solar project in USA are planned and in Germany some industrysectors planning producing their own electricity using solar panel.

    Japan and UK are planning subventions for solar. In USA the the government want to make investment and tax-write offs of solar plants be easier.

    With the closing of ressources in the mining sector, the increasing prices for oil, coal, uranium and gas makes green technology more and more necessary to produce the needed electricity. But the efficiency of that form of producing electricity is much less efficient than producing it with fossile energy. In 2013 in Texas 8.7% of the installed production capacitiy was available for producing wind energy. The efficiency of gasplants was 81% – 89%, of coalplants was 84% – 86%. And between 2000 and 2015 the consumption of electricity in Texas increases by 15%. In 2014 the SWOC – the system wide offer cap – rose by 40% , from 5$ to 7$ per MWh amd will rise to 9$ by 2015. The demand by private consumer quadroupled in the hot summer of 2011. Such increase of prices are substantiated when supply is not keeping up with demand. As in the summer peak the planned wind energy lack because there was no wind to propel the generators of the wind park generators. So USA have to secure the energy supply with the flexible use of gas plants.

    Also the fear of terror attacks at the public energy supply sector, a hacker attack on its computer system let the USA invest in this sector.

    So USA will have to do a lot to maintain and upgrade the infrastructure of it’s energy supply. And as demand will surmount the offer the prises and profitability of energy supply companies will be secured.

    But what is with the free energy projects, which produces energy without the dependence of fossile energy, wind, water and solar, like the trawöger pyramid?

    Here an indian example

    or a russian one

    Look at the environment. Do you really think this machine – where no parts are in motion – is so magically that no industry – or other private person – can build it. I think not. No parts in motion means that there are no parts which has to be maintained for the reaseon that they move, lika a shaft.

    If it is true, that this indian machine could produce between 3,5 and 10kw/h KW/h and the russian one could produce 1KWh both machines are able to supply the private electricity consumption of an average household, placing one of this in one house each, including loading batteries of electrocars and electrobikes at night. Such free energy plants produce 100% every day without producing any CO².

    This machines could also being used for military reason in nearly every environment, would be transportable and autonom. No power lines would be needed. This plants could be placed in al crucial institutions. So why the governments don’t use them?

    DNLA – the way to improve the efficiency for your company

    In the operating processes of today the processes and requirements changes in continually shorter intervals. To match new requirements, the workforce have to improve continually. It have to attune to new situations and changing priorities. Different people and changing products and services require more and more flexibility and skills in the potential of the staff.

    But how can you influence a human being positiv. How can you achieve a positiv, a productive clima in your company which optimizes everybody of your workforce to optimum and enables him to develop his potential to full value for his company. How can you become the desired company for the best talents and be able to keep the best staffmembers in your workforce?

    It is very difficult to describe the effect of DNLA (Discovering Natural Latent Abilities) on your staff. It is like describing the feeling driving in a car, dividing the feeling driving in a Minicooper from driving in a Ferrari. So the most urgent before buying a car is the test drive. Only the test drive makes it possible for you to recognize the quality of a car and convince you from it’s character.

    The same is with us.

    If you use DNLA

    • We will improve the motivation of your staff.

    • You will get better efficiency of your staff, fluctuation and number of work days lost due to illness will decrease.

    • The staff will be more motivated, more healthy and will have a beneficial sleep.

    We offer you to try until three different test DNLA proceedures to very special conditions.

    It also could be possible to meet in your company to show you the advantages of the DNLA procedure.

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    Mit DNLA steigern Sie Ihre Arbeitsproduktivität

    In den heutigen Arbeitsprozessen wandeln sich die Abläufe und Anforderungen in immer kürzeren Zeitabständen. Ständig muss Neues dazugelernt werden, muss man sich auf neue Situationen, auf Unterbrechungen, wechselnde Prioritäten, neue Menschen und neue oder veränderte Produkte und Dienstleistungen einstellen. Diese flexiblen Anforderungen erfordern immer schneller angepasste Fähigkeiten und Eigenschaften auch von Ihren Mitarbeitern/innen.

    Wie aber kann man den „Faktor Mensch“ positiv beeinflussen? Wir kann man ein gutes und produktives Klima im Unternehmen erreichen, jeden hin zu seinem individuellen Leistungsoptimum entwickeln und sein Potenzial voll für ́s Unternehmen erschließen? Wie gelingt es, der Wunscharbeitgeber der besten Talente zu werden und die besten Leute zuhalten?

    Es ist schwierig die Wirkung der DNLA auf Ihre Mitarbeiter und Ihr Unternehmen zu beschreiben. Es ist, als wollte man einem Kunden beim Autokauf das Fahrgefühl in einem Wagen beschreiben, und das in Abgrenzung zu anderen Fahrzeugen. Daher ist das wichtigste beim Autokauf die Probefahrt. Nur bei einer Probefahrt können Sie sich von den wichtigen und richtigen Qualitäten Ihres Neuwagens überzeugen.

    So ist das auch bei uns.

    Wir steigern die Motivation Ihrer Mitarbeiter.

    Sie erhalten von uns höhere Effizienz Ihrer Mitarbeiterschaft, geringere Fluktuation und Krankenstand.

    Ihre Mitarbeiter erzeugen mehr Energie, bilden ein besseres Immunsystem und erhalten erholsameren Schlaf.

    Wir bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit von bis zu drei Testverfahren zu Sonderkonditionen – mit Zufriedenheitsgarantie.

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