Anti-Corona Protests in Berlin, Germany

In Berlin thausends of Protesters congregate to agitate against the corona measures legislated by the German government. There were no maks and the  rules for minimum distance between the people were ignored. They ignored the danger of the virus, some say Corona is something like a flu. The shields demand free life for free citizens.

At the end of the protest march the people gathered to a manifestation. The police assessed the situation and found that too many people without masks standing beside touching each other so that the rules of the government force them to stop the manifestation. The event was stopped without violence. After the rally members of the SPD party say that the event has to be stopped earlier, members of the AfD party see no reason to stop the event, because it was a peacefull event without breaking rules.

Markus Söder, CDU, say that there were different political trends on the rally, from extreme left wing to extreme right wing organisation beside each other. He demand the people to keep the  distance to the political enemy. Why that? Could this situation attract political danger?

It is astonishing how ignorant people could be in the view of the death toll of ignorant states like Italy, Brasil and USA. In the last days USA changed the course and reckognized the danger of the virus.

If I would be egoistic and selfish I would say that the virus most notably kill old people. If those party people ignore the danger they could die, disburden the retirement and pension funds, so that my retirement will be firmed if the pandemy has a new superspread with a hihg death toll.

Source: 08.02.20

Source:  08.03.20