Space-Time, the 4th Dimension. All we see is illusion.

If this picture below is true nothing we see is true and the past is very difficult to reconstructure. We know that the planets are moving in different pace apart.  We assume that the space is expanding. We don’t know if there was a time the space contracted. The amplitude of the waves could be different and we don’t know if there were interferences with ohter systems in the past. Anything we see could be millions of years in the past. To make it clear: Such a wave could move planets distances we never reach with a spacecraft. And we only see things that happens wide in the past. All we see is an illusion.





Saudi Arabien PIF sells bio of assetts

The Saudi Arabien Public Investment Fond ( PIF ) sells assetts worth 5,5bio$ and invests in ETF’s. In march the fund invest in different assetts like BP, Total, Eni, Boeing, Carnival and Bank of America. Now he invests 4,7bio$ in ETF’s mainly in real estate, power supply,  commodities, raw and building materials. 1,9bio$ went in an big US ETF with utilitycompanies. PIF is the biggest investor there. The PIF has investments worth 10bio$ in US ETF’s. It is worth 360bio$, the 8th biggest fund in the list of Souvereign Wealth Fund Institute.

Not only the arabian countries are investing in ETF’s, End of July 2020 the sum invested in ETF’s reached a record of 6,7 trio$ after 79bio$ were invested in July only, so ETFGI, a London based company, which observed the sector.

The PIF also invests in indian JIO Platforms and in european companies and ETF’s.

But is the assett market so insecure and unpredictable that investments in assetts are high risk investment?