NSA Spying On Germans Was Allowd by Memorandum

I remeber the times EU and USA debates if it is useful to implement Huawei Server in our internet system. After a long discussion USA forbid Huawei and EU decided to give precedence to the server of the USA because of security reasons. The internet is a very sensitive issue. There may be very sensible data send through the net and China is not as trustworthy as our old friends the USA teh western states decided..

Now a report shows that the USA spied out with Danish help the German Chancler Angela Merkel and other German politicians. As the danish broadcaster DR reported had between 2012 and 2014 the US National Security Agency (NSA) eavesdropped on Danish internet cables to spy on top politicians and high-ranking officials in Germany, Sweden, Norway and France. The politicians were upset what is wondering. Germany and the USA signed a Memorandum of Agreement on 28.04.2002 which regulate the US spying on Germans. For this work the Germans built up a facilitiy in Bayovarian town of Aibling to make the cooperation between the BND and NSA possible. Perhaps it is the target what is irritating: EU politicians including the chancellors and presidents of EU states, the chancellor of Germany itself.

What is wondering is that this expierience don‘t let them know that the internet is a insecure place, and they shouldn‘t use it to send classified documents or similar on it. The discussion which server we use or should buy is an economically question. It could be an ideologically question. But you can‘t decide it by security reasons.

Security for clay field

This sign stands on a field near Frankfurt/Main. This sign means that this field planted with wonderful, precious plants like on the picture below ( it could be a sort of clay plants ) is guarded by a special security company.

But perhaps give us these signs some hints about the state of mind of the people who are living there. No 100 yards away of this guarded clayfield I found this:

This signs mean a speedlimit of 37,5 km per hour – for Nandus.

And in 1 km distance another sign warns against eating giraffes.