USA Could Isolate Itself

Under Trump the USA left WHO, didn‘t pay their contribution to the UN, they left the Paris Agreement targeting the dangerous climate change. He put sanctions on China because they deliver good valued products to the people. Then the US farmers pushed the prices for agriculture commodities, the Chinese had to buy from the USA by agreement. One of these commodities were soybeans which were very tasty but also needed for nutrition of animals like porks and cows. In the second half of the 20th century the Chinese were sanctioned by the western world that way, that the Chinese had to use their grandparents as living pantry, because they eat them part by part, amputating their arms and legs first, before they eat the rest. They did it to survive. I don‘t think they have forgotten this.

The USA avoid a colaboration with the Chinese in space because of security reasons. Simultaniously the USA buy a lot of microchips from the Chinese for their technical devices. Now the Chinese developed their own space station and a space programm with big ambitions on moon and mars. And they work on G6 standard while the western countries think about the use of G5. G6 standard should enable an advanced use of devices.

They sanctioned Iran, then USA signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in 2015 which left US president Trump in 8th May of 2018 because Iran storages low enriched Uranium in Russia. Under Joe Biden the USA signed in the Paris Agreement and the WHO again and a reinvoke of the JCPOA could be possible.

Of course there was and is no possibility in colaboration in the use of atomic power. The result is that the Chinese built it‘s Tokamak reaktor. A new report shows that they reached a goal as they hold a temperatur of 120mio C° for 101 seconds and 160mio° C for 20 seconds. This means that they reached the starting temperatutre they need for a fusion reactor. I don‘t know any report of a western success that way.

The USA sanctioned Russia. Russia‘s finance minister recently announced that it‘s Wealth Fund will slash $40 billion of US currency entirely out of it’s investment portfolio amid growing tensions with Washington. Target is to eliminate the USD out of the russian economy. Similiarly the Chinese deepen it‘s relations to Russia as they launch of four nuclear power units of a bilateral nuclear energy cooperation project, Putin forecasts a bilateral trade volume at a level of 200 bio USD yearly.

In Africa the Chinese infrastructure projects begin to earn money. Aso the Chinese maintain the relations to the ASEAN countries.

If the USA sanctions every rival they will isolate itself. And every sanctioned nation will be a port for the rivaling countries like Chinese and Indians. This could be very interesting for the sanctioned states in Middle and South America.

Indian is the powerstate nobody mentiones. But India will develope like China. And the culture is also alien in relation to our culture like the Chinese culture. India and China are neighbours. If they will find collaboration they will have more than 40% of the global market by native populations demand.

And what is with the EU. They moot pacifism at length and the distribution of costs monitoring how they fall from a superposition to a continental third rank, behind America and Asia, hiding behind the USA and the NATO. The fusion reactor of the Europeans is planned to be built turnkey in 2025. This will be the earliest moment the EU will start testing producing electricity with fusion technique.