Corona death ratio shows that western states are behind Asia

On the list of the John Hopkins University the eleven states of the states with the highest corona death ratio ( death per population ) are Europe and the USA, followed by 5 South American states, including Brazil and Mexico. The states with the lowest corona death ratio is splitted into Asian and African states.

USA is on rank 9 with 39.72 people per 100.000 capita, China is on rank 131 with 0,33 deaths per 100.000 capita, India on rank 87 with 1,46 deaths per 100.000 capita. Taiwan has a death ratio of 0,03 peaple per 100.000 of it‘s citizens.

Both China and Taiwan closed the borders and shut down it‘s businesses consistently with full respect to their citizens and without respecting the businesses. Health care was the highest interest. So the death rate is very low and the economy would go on if there weren‘t the risks of other countries which doesn‘t sniff at the real corona risk.

There must be a reason why the asian states have a very much lower death rate than the western. Perhaps it is the same reason, why China could become on rank 2 in world bank raking within 25 years, after it has been very undeveloped and economically on Carey Street for several decades.

What’s concerning the African States is that the population is very young so there is a very lower death ratio than in the European states and USA. But this means that corona relieves the pension funds of the western states in a status where the baby boomer generation reach retirement.

The table where you will find the data I used

is valued on 07th of July 2020.

Last studies emerge that Corona infected persons will not be impervious to new corona infects, most notably if the infects has no remarkable symptoms. If this is true the vaccination will have no or less impact. And no one will be sure that he/she/it will not be infected again. And remeber Corona could be a deadly infection.

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