Self-Driving Agriculture Systems Dependent On Space-Military?

Russia plans for 2024 to start a fleet of self driving taxis, according to Deputy Transport Minister Aleksey Semyonov.

Last year, the russian AI development company Cognitive Technologies installed its self-driving systems into combine harvesters. The pilot proved successful, and the technology will now be rolled out to 242 combines over the next years. The joint venture between Cognitive, Sherbank and Rusagro will see harvesters being fitted out with the technology during the 2020-2021 harvesting seasons in Belgorod, Tambov, Kursk, Orel, and Primorsky Krai, with the first installation coming next month.

The phase 3 testing of the autonomous driving system utilizes a live feed from a single video camera, which is analyzed using a convolutional neural network to allow the combine to maneuver itself in plowed/unplowed and mowed/unmowed fields. The Cognitive Agro Pilot setup is reported capable of operating in all weather and lighting conditions, doesn’t need GPS and includes object detection capabilities. If the vehicle leaves the preassigned route for any reason, the system will warn the mandatory human operator in the cabin so that manual corrections can be made.

USA has also it‘s self driving devices in agriculture, like combines and tractors. This is a very good place to test the functionality of the system. US Präsident Donald Trump started a military space programm in the beginning of his presidency. If you install a self driving vehicle system, steered from satellites out of the orbit you need a defence system to defend your steering system of your vehicles like cars, ships and aeroplanes or you will be very vulnerable.

What does Europe or Germany?

Germany builds and developes agricultural machines steered with GPS and cameras like the harvesters from Claas KGaA. What Europe is not able to do is to build a system to defend it‘s satellites. They bank on the NATO and the USA. USA has it‘s highest debt ever and announced in the past for several times to leave the NATO if Europe doesn‘t fullfill its promise to spend 2% of it‘s GDP in military. If the USA leave the NATO as it left the WHO in the last days, there will be no defense sytem for Europe‘s satellites.

Europe must build up it‘s own military industry and military systems. This means the Europe must allow the military industry to make business. Only if the military industry will be allowed to make international business it will have the money to develop future oriented weapons. Only an united Europe has the capacty to finance this efforts . If Europe will not unite stability will not be guaranteed.

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