Amazon‘s ALEXA Device Culprits Crime

A 9-year-old boy in Gloucester, Massachusetts is facing charges for stealing several items from a neighbor’s home. The headline-grabbing element of this story is that a recording from an Amazon Echo owner’s Alexa app helped lead police to the culprit.

A non authorized Alexa recording of a murdering of a wife while the sexual act in the sleeping room culprits her husband as the murder.

News like that seems to justify the non authorized recordings of the Amazon device in your private rooms. In Germany recordings like that are ownly justified in trials after the judges have justified them. And that‘s only in special instances.

Amazon itself say that the recordings Alexa does without the knowledge of it‘s users are necessary to develop it‘s speech recognition system.

But honestly, do you really need a microphone in your bedroom recording for Amazon employees the sound while you fuck?

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