Covid 19 vaccines: How safety?

Health officials of california asking to stop the administering of the Moderna Covid 19 vaccine because of incidents caused by the use of the vaccine. . In a video on facebook Brant Griner showed his mother with problems with her musculoskeletal system using nearby walls and a door to support herself as she inched forward.

All the incidents appear to have occurred at a single community clinic that was administering the lot. The site reportedly closed for several hours after the string of adverse reactions occurred, before switching to a different batch of the drug. The Moderna vaccine has distributed to 287 providers but this is the first time tha tproblems appear.

Normally new drugs must go through a rigorous testing before the FDA approves a medication, so the testing of a vaccine takes several years. But for this medication the producers had some months. In Wikipedia you will find the exactly determination of the drug testing phases from test phase 0 to test phase IV. Important to know is that only test phase IV is carried out on anyone seeking treatment. For test phases 0 to III there are quantities of patient who uses the drug needed. Normally there is a preclinical testing on human cells.

In an Al Jazeera report of 8th ofJune 2021 is said that Pfizer will begin testing its COVID-19 vaccine in a larger group of children below 12 years of age after selecting a lower dose of the shot in an earlier stage of the trial., 22th of February 2018 cited the FDA as follows:

According to the FDA, approximately 70 percentTrusted Source of medications move on to phase II.

The FDA estimates that about 33 percent Trusted Source of medications move on to phase III.

The FDA usually requires a phase III clinical trial before approving a new medication. Due to the larger number of participants and longer duration or phase III, rare and long-term side effects are more likely to show up during this phase.

Roughly 25 to 30 percentTrusted Source of medications move on to phase IV.

This means that only a quarter of the tested medication will find it’s way to the market.

Now it is your mission to find out in what testing phase we are and how safety the offered medication of Covid-19 is now, at January the 18th, 2021.


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