Corona/Covid Discharges Retirement

Since November 2019 Covid 19 ( SARS ) threatens the health of human beeing and animals. First time SARS appeared in an outbreak in China in 2014.

But what makes this virus so dangerous, what is the impact of it?


Since the travel ban the CO², carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide pollution has fallen. The domestic air travelling decreased in the USA by 40%, Europe recorded a decline of 67 mio air passengers. The daily work in home office creeped up rapidly.

The waste of the packaging for medical goods surged. We need 1 bio trees yearly to produce the packaging for the shipped goods.

The economy collapsed in tourism, cultural and gastronomy sector. Events are dropped and travelling bans making journeys impossible. Shutdowns are a challenge for all entrepreneurs. Shortages of goods are making living unconvenient. The online-shopping sector booms. This shrinked the contacts in the society dramatically. The peoples sentiment became negative because of that.


For humans the virus is so dangerous, because it attacks cells and destroys them. So the organism could be damaged significantly. But the organism has to be weak. Otherwise the virus could be neutralized by the immune system. So the virus is most dangerous for old and weak people.

The most people who died were over 70 years old, nations with a young population had not so big problems like the industry society.

That shows the table of

All the countries which have no corona deaths until now are were very small and have very low contact with the rest of the world. The population average age is under 30 years, except Macao, where the average age is 39 and New Caledonia where the average age is 34. This states have a very small population. The 50 states which were less infected out of 221 states were the African states and states around China, like Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos and North Corea. North Corea is not included in the table but it indicated itself as free of Corona infections. The African states have a very young population most of them with an average age of under 20, beginning with Niger with an average age of 15.

The average age of the asian states with low corona death rates are:

Taiwan 42, Singapore 42, Macao 39, China 38, North Korea 35, Vietnam 32, Mongolia 28, Laos 24. This shows that the Asian countries are able to control the Corona infection although they have an older population.

The death toll of the western nations is relatively high. The first 13 ranks are European nations, rank 14 has the USA followed from Portugal and Spain. The following ranks are mostly South American and Europe nations, excempt Lebanon ranked 42 and South Africa ranked 46.

Japan has an average age of 48, followed from Italy and Martinique with 47. The nations with an average age over 40 are mostly western oriented industry nations. USA has an average age of 38.

Like the graphs of the age structure of USA, Japan and Germany the people who are in retirement surge in the last years. The people in the industry nations getting older peoples over 80 are not seldom.


Source of the Graphics:

But this will be a problem for the retirement funds. Many corporations used the money the workforce gave them for their retirement funds to finance investments or get over the crisises, speculating that they will pay the pension in the future with the profits of the operating business.

GM was not the only company with this problem.

State owned retirements like the retirement system of Germany are systematically based on the speculation that the younger people pay the rent of the older people. But this system collapsed in the 1990‘s, so the government of Germany reduced the rent ratio from 65% to 42% of the employment income. This means a reduction of 1/3 of the pension. The older generations anger about the situation. But for the assurance companies a hot, new market grows up. The private retirement funds, mostly assett based, makes high profit possible. But the finance crisises in the early 20th century let the retirement funds shrink. Many pensioners are living with very low money today or earn additional money to have a better living and avoid the awkward application of social wellfare benefits.

So the Corona virus and his mutations will have other positive effects. First it creates new workplaces in the pharma industry and in the medical sektor. And the second is it will discharge the pension funds and pension systems because of it attacks mostly older, weak and ill persons. The most people who will die are people over 60 years old.

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