Fuel costs: Petrol prices in the states around Germany. How to diminish holiday costs.

In the last months the prices for gasoline has nearly doubled. The soaring US Dollar will increase the price of oil. Pres of DIW, Marcel Fratzscher, wants to stop the tax relief on gasoline. German Minister of Economics, Dr. Habeck, supports his proposition. If they are doing this the prices will increase. An increasing US $ will strengthen this development.

To ease the repercussion the German government has offered a ticket for nation wide use of local public transport. This means very slowly traveling, but anyone can reach any place with a bus stop or a railway station in Germany for 9€ a month.

Anyhow the people wants to drive into holiday, many of them with their automobile. To drive the right route it might be useful to find the nations with the lowest gasoline prices. In the following tables you will find the average of the fuel prices in the nations on German borders.








Slovenia ( no German neighbour )



Source: https://de.globalpetrolprices.com

With this help I hope that the drivers will find the right place for their holidays and the right nation to fill their tanks. I wish you a comfortable drive and recuperative holidays.

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