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4 policemen disarmed by one criminal!

This morning German radio station reports that one 31 year old man disarmed four policemen in the city of Oppenau/Black Forest in Germany. The police got a message on Sunday 12th of July 2020 that there is a suspect person in front of a hut in a garden. At first the man was cooperativ to the policemen, then suddenly he outdraw a pistol and instructed the four policemen to give him their arms. To impede an escalation the four policemen gave him their arms. The criminal was well known by the police also for breaking firearms law.

Now the police wrote a warrant and orders the population to stay at home and to pay attention to their security. There is no hint where the criminal hides. The burglar now has 5 pistols.

There was a story several years ago in that makes me smile. Herald Tribune wrote a story that some beduine on camels stopped a convoy of 4 egypt police Jeeps and instructed the policemen to give them their arms. The Egypt policemen reported that the caravan appears suddenly and after the incident they disappeared as fast as the wind.

Perhaps the policemen need an extended version of their training including mortal fighting and mental training/meditation especially how to to go up to criminals. It makes me perplex that one well known burglar could disarm 4 policemen in a state like Germany.

Brooks – Floyd and the incompetent police

After the death of George Floyd another black man Rayshard Brooks, 27 was killed by the police of Atlanta. He left his family with 4 childrens between 1 and 13 years old. As reaction protesters burn the Wendy‘s restaurant and the police chief of Atlanta steps down.

If the case of George Floyd is suspect the video of the Atlanta homicide shows pure incompetence.

There are two police officers not able to arrest one drunken person. They fight. The drunken person is able to take a teaser from one of the policemen and run away. The policemen follow him. Then the drunken person turn around with the teaser in his hand and the policeman shot him down. The distance was no five meters. He doesn‘t shot him in his leg, no he killed him. Was there a racist motivation? I don‘t mind. He just was afraid to be wounded by his own teaser in the hand of that drunken Rayshard Brooks.

A well trained criminal would have smothered him with a slap on his cheek. After all that, there is one question. How good is the US police trained. They have a 19 week long training for the job. This is less than a half year. In this time they should learn to react the right way if a person does unpredicted and surprising things. Perhaps  the US administration should think about a national admission for the police and a permanent training including combat sport and mental training. This would create the possibility of an appropriate reaction and could stop this manslaughter. Also racism could be identified. The black sheeps could be identified and removed.

And a chief has to manage this situations, not to step down when the situation escalates and needs leadership.