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Coalition talks and future concepts

August 16th 2017

On 9th of August 2017 there was an event to the parlamentary vote in Frankfurt/Main, my residence. Today I don‘t know exactly what party I should vote because I see a lot of questions relating to the automatisation process of the next decades. I don‘t know how the politics will manage the way the offer will find the demand, means how we get the products we want and need. The theme of the event was „fairness is another way“ so I thought to find answers.

I was a little late. The event was not at the arranged location so I went to a nice restaurant where the politics met. As I arrived I recognized that I was the only visitor. I was a little astonished. The group begged me to invite myself. I did and asked them, how they want to deal the issue of employment after automatisation like 3D printer, selfdriving cars, robotics and speech recognizing systems have been developed and installed in industrie. All those products will work in sectors with high numbers of workforce. I see a high unemployment rate because this systems will free a lot of jobs. And I don‘t think that all those poeple will find work in the service sector.

Mr Bothner, Verdi Hessen, gave me the answer. He described that there will be many poeple who will find a high waged job. We have much more millionaires in Germany than several years ago. Those people have to staff their household with butlers, nannies, family care workers ec. Today in Germany’s middle class families it is not use to staff the household with such employees. I don‘t know many middle class families which do that. To convince the new working class to employ such services, there has to be a revaluation of these professions. The money makers have to employ them to hold their gentility. Simultanely the employees in the industry will work less time because the machines will do more and more the work for them. So they have time to improve their skills. Some good earning umployees, working less time and a lot of pauper working a lot of time to ensure that the less time working, good earning employees have no inconvenience in their free time.

I reply this we discussed that concept in the 1980s and we denied it as an impossibility. I was astonished hearing this concept from a functionary of the biggest German union Verdi. But I was on an event of the SPD, a political partie, a decision maker in the Germany politics, so I asked the members of the SPD about the theme. The answer I got was that there are many commonalities so there will be no remarkable changes, nothing more.

Less working workforce earns much money and much working workforce earning less money, it looks better for conservative parties like the CDU and not the SPD, a mid left partie of Germany. Could this be true?

I know that there is a pilot project unemployed get 1000,00€ basic income guarantee a month for some Germans. In a privat talk I learned that there are discussions about a basic income guarantee of the minimum wage, that means 8,83€ an hour or 1529,00€ a month. Oh well I said, but if you do that, you have to install incentives that the people do the work that have to be done in the low level wage sector. People can live pretty good with that income so most of them don‘t want to work at all particularly not in unpleasant jobs. Also you have to educate the people in responsible way of living. No society need an increasing rate of kiffers or beer and wine drinking people sitting in their living rooms watching tv with dull brains. But there were no answers.

After one and a half hours I knew only a little more but there is no precise concept. I can‘t imagine something about tomorrow. All I found looks like a take-it-as-it-comes engagement. But this issue needs decisions if I my pension and the future living standard should be ensured. This issue is a relevant factor creating the future of our country.

I ask myself, if the members of parlament are overpaid.