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Deutsche Post Streetscooter pickup feasible to become multi billion company

The increasing online-trading let the profit of the Deutsche Post grow, so Deutsche Post chairman Appel at the beginning of 2018. Some months later he disappointed the shareholders with the news that the profit growth is not estimated 10% but only 2%. There were also disappointing news from Deutsche Post customers that letters didn‘t find the customers and that parcels have to be picked up at a Post Office up to 15 miles away, as Deutsche Post closes offices, especially in the rural areas. At least Deutsche Post shocked it‘s shareholdes with a profit warning because Deutsche Post restructures the company away from letters to parcel service. This costs a lot of money, the management said.

As Deutsche Post was looking for an electric pickup which is able to deliver parcels with it it could‘t find one. None of the german car producers was able to deliver the company a suitable pickup because the german car producers didn‘t produce one electric car. So Deutsche Post developed an electric car on it‘s own, based on a Ford Chassis. The car was tested in Post‘s daily routine. This car is ready for serial production now. Today the Streetscouter is produced 1000 pieces per month. Customers of Deutsche Post which saw the car asked Deutsche Post where they can buy this car. When Deutsche Post recognized that there is very much demand for this pickup it opens a new factory in May 2018. Now a production of 20,000 vehicles pa is possible.

And this could be the beginning. Hamburg and Deutsche Post built a strategic partnership for better clima protection and better air in the city and signed an agreement. Deutsche Post wants to start with 70 Streetscooters Work XL in Hamburg. Similarily the City of Hamburg wants to increase the charging stations from 730 to 1,000. The major also guarantees that Deutsche Post get the capacity of electricity to charge their pickups. Hamburg will also build three new loading zones for electro pickups for Deutsche Post and other private companies.

This could be a modell with a domino effect. If cities built loading zones for electro-pickups and create more charging stations it is very likely that the demand for electro-pickups will increase. The result is increasing orders for Streetscooter Pickups. In a report of the renowned german economy magazine „Wirtschaftswoche“ the Deutsche Post chairman Mr. Frank Appel saw it feasible to create with Streetscooter a multi-billion-company. Streetscooter is the only German possibility to satisfy the demand of electro-pickups in Germany. And Deutsche Post shows the people that it‘s car function pretty good. Every time someone get a parcel a Streetscooter pickup arrives and signales: „I am aproved. You can buy me.“ That‘s the way you can convince customers. If you use your own product under industrial conditions so anyone can see.

But there is only one question. Why must Google, Deutsche Post, Hermes built their own electro cars, self driving cars or, like Hermes do, self driving robots? Is the very renowned german car industry not able to satisfy the demand of the customers? The Chinese are setting quotes for electro-cars on new cars and there are targets for gasoline free cities in the future. Audi and Porsche are discussing a Joint Venture to develop electro-cars for China. But there are many companies with electro-cars on the market making progress by watching the use of their products. This means they will be experienced if the German‘s will have their first prototype. And to buy high tech parts from companies abroad is the first step back to leave the top position.

In Future Robots will fullfill our wildest dreams. Video Show with excerpts of Tokyo Game Show. Post will introduce robot

In Tokyo Game Show at Makuhari Event Show a druide invites the visitors.

The Orgtanizer of Tokyo Game Show, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA), gives the visitor the choice, what is more favorable, playing with robots or with humans.

But robots will develop and learn to do many things, so we will use them at work also as privat in our private rooms.

This illustrates Sophie, a female loooking robot, which can speak and is well programmed.

But robots like this can also be self learning machines. This shows a hotel where most of the work is done by robots.

The last clip shows some things about the use of robots in future. Androids as deputy of negotiator to negotiate with partners, sex partner for fetishists or substitute for family

Some excerpts::

The next rational move is a talking, moving, responsing sex-robot.

When robots become capable, of precisely control machines and tools, my biggest concern is that people may stop make an effort. To stop make an effort would be dangerous for a persons development. I mean, it could change our values. ( Yoshiyuki Tomino – anime crator )

A fondie-robot-seal in a senior-citizens home. An old ladie playing with it: „I could fly to the sky. She makes me happy because she understands my felings.“ – (Oh yes. Life happens in the head. What a fallacy.)

Deutsche Post will apply robots next year. The robot will carry up to 150kg and will move with a speed upt to 6 km/h. It can recognize obstructions and drive over curbstones. The postman will walk in front of the robot dso it has no impact to unemplyment rates. But the time will come the robot will deliver independently. The German Post competitor Hermes has started a pilot project last year robots deliver independently. Hermes asks its customers when the package should arrive. The robot call the customer 5 minutes before he arrives. Then the robot drive to the adress and call the customer again to inform that the package could be taken by the customer. The robot Hermes use drives up to 6 km/h but can load only the mass of one bigger package.

The day both systems merge is the day we will need no more  postmans and postwomen.