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Cardiac pacemaker could be used to kill patients by terrorists

Cardiac pacemaker amd insulin pumps send data of the patient to the doctor. They use the net of the mobile phones to do that. But this could be very dangerous for the patient who use such devices, because the devices could be hacked. A sophisticated hacker could kill that way by influencing the devices function.

Patient should rethink to use that sort of artificial intelligence.

Apple deletes AMS out of the supply chain of it’s I Phones and Apple watches

Until now AMS delivered the NFC booster (Near-Field-Communication) for Apple I Phones and 12 mio Apple watches. The NFC is high tech with future potential, which is used for paying bills by Apple Pay. If you want to pay a bill, you have to move the I Phone or the Apple watch over a terminal which trigger the payment. UBS say, that AMS made 0,04 SFr per device and estimates that AMS delivered NFC boosters for 222 mio I Phones and 12 mio Apple watches. In an estimation Natixis say, that AMS wanted to make a third of it’s revenue with NFC boosters. Apple gave the new order to the Netherland Company NXP, which delivers the antenna for the Apple devices. NXP increases the efficiency of it’s antenna. With it’s new concept NXP could convince Apple. AMS which developed a similiar concept with STMicroelectronics lost the race and it’s orders.