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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange under arrest

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested after the government of Ecuardor had secluded the diplomatic asylum over sexual abuse in Sweden. In October 2018 the government of Ecuardor had regulated the possibilities of communication and the visitors. The reason was the disclosure of photos and videos of privat talks of the ecuardorian president Moreno, information about a purported offshore account controlled by the president’s brother. Personal photographs of Moreno lying in bed, as well as images of close family members dancing, were also leaked, further incensing him.

He harrassed his caretakers accusing them of being U.S. spies looking to exchange information on WikiLeaks in exchange for debt relief for Ecuador. His behavior became more and more erratic. The embassy members mor eand more sour. He was listening to loud music, driving scateboard at night and walking around in his underwear with no concern to others. Finally he smear his cack at the walls of the embassy showing his defiance about his caretakers.

Charity worker Jemima Khan, British-born wife of Pakistani cricketer and politician Imran and Film director Ken Loach offered to stand as surety for Mr Assange. Despite this, Mr Assange was denied bail because of potential flight risk.