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USA Leave The UN Human Rights Council

The USA has left human rights council an 19th, June of 2018. In the speech Nikki Haley said that there are more resolutions against Israel than against Syria, Iran and North Korea additional. This fact is not acceptabel. The exit happens while protests against US migration politics. Children where segregated from their parents if they were catched on the border entering the country with their parents illegaly.

But what is realy happening?

The USA didn‘t ratify the human rights. So the USA have the same status like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, North Korea or Somalia. Also China and India have the same status until now.

So in fact nothing had happen. The declaratation of Nikki Haley confirms the fact that the USA don‘t recognize the Human Right‘s Charta.

Perhaps United Nations should think about to stipulate for member states of human rights council to recognice all treaties of the human rights charta. If UN accepts only states which accepts the full Human Rights Charta UN could be aware of such „surprises“.

Some critcs say, that the behavior of the US compromise the role of the USA fighting for democracy.