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Kim Jong Un and Putin negotiating UN sanctions

North Korea‘s president Kim Jong Un and Russian president Vladimir Putin meet in Wladivostok to diskuss the relations between the two communistic countries. For North Korea it is very urgent and important to find agreements in foreign trade solutions. The situation is very difficult because the UN sanctions will change the situation by the end of 2019.

The UN sanctions to North Korea forbid wide range trading in agriculture, industrial products and also in the sector of service, maintaining in both directions. The sanctions also include the financial sector where the fincial institutes have to leave North Korea and any cooperation is forbidden. North Korea is forbidden to export seafood and to sell fishing rights. Also the transport companies of North Korea are facing sharp restrictions. UN sanctions allow only the import of food in the range that human rights are given.

North Korea has a big problem to nourish it‘s people. It was short in 2018 and will be more in 2019 if it can‘t find relief.

At least the border to North Korea is closed and international financial transactions are nearly impossible.

North Korea must also looking to develop economic ties with Russia to lessen its dependency on China. In an interview with China’s official People’s Daily Putin said: „China can’t help as it is in the middle of a trade war with the US and Kim can’t visit Beijing because he might lose face if he makes his fifth China trip.“

On 22 December of 2019 UN sanktion forbid North Koreans to work in foreign countries. There are 10,000 North Koeans working in the agricultural sector of Russia. They are doing work no Russian wants to do. They have to leave if Russia will not infringe UN sanctions. North Korea will loose mio of $ of income it‘s people earn. The situation on the food sector will get more dramatic.

The negotiation between US President Trump and North Korea‘s stopped, because USA wanted from North Korea to say uncle to it‘s atomic and rocket programm. North Korea said it would do that, if the USA will stop the sanctions against it. North Korea blow up it‘s base where it tests atomic bombs. In exchange it demands from the USA to loosen up the sanctions. But the USA denied it.

The unseccessfully negotiations between USA and North Korea will drive North Korea into the influence of Russia and China. Even if China can‘t help now are both countries friends of North Korea over decades. Also the wall between North Korea and South Korea is getting porous.

If North Korea is able to negotiate with South Korea bilateral cooperation the state of the USA in the region will get weak.

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